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Station 38 of York County

Donate Items

Donating items to the fire department is a great way to donate with out exchanging money. We’ve made an always updating list of items we could use, or need at the station. Your donation saves us money, and helps you find a new use, one that helps benefit your community, for your unwanted or new items. Some people also like to know exactly what their money was used for. This allows you to purchase an item for the department knowing that it is something we need. We do ask that you fill out the form below, as some items may be specific to the available space, or utilities of the station. We will get back to you soon after you submit the form at the bottom of the page.


Mechanics Tool Set

Book Shelves

0 / 2


Flat Screen TV

2 / 2

TV Wall Mount

4 Burner Electric Stove – 220V.

Ice Machine

Folding Table


Large Whiteboard

4 / 4

Computer Monitors

4 / 4

Metal Storage Cabinets

Coat Rack

Large Office Table

Rolling Office Chairs

Monitor Wall Mounts

4 / 4

Office Desk

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