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Station 38 of York County

4600 Block Closure of East Prospect Rd, Lower Windsor Township

I hope everyone is healthy and happy. As you may know, the bridge located around the 4600 block of East Prospect Road will be closing next week.

Lower Windsor Township has done an excellent job preparing for and disseminating information to help us plan for the outage. Starting Monday, 18 May, Yorkana Fire Company will be responding to calls in Lower Windsor Township via Bluestone Road. If you live along Bluestone please take note to the changes in response plans for increased emergency vehicle traffic.

Responses were timed and are only seconds different from our normal response routes. If anyone remembers, before the stop light we used Bluestone for all Lower Windsor calls, we are just having a little flashback to early 90’s.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me.

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